2022 Taichung Good Sweet Online Voting

Our small store has no budget to invite Internet celebrities to advertise. We can only see if there is a way to stand out in this kind of government-run voting selection. I was supposed to go to the event market to set up a booth for publicity in the past two days, but the "Zhongdan" couldn't make the trip...
Dear friends, from 8/27 to 9/11 today, you can go to the following "Taichung So Sweet" website every day to vote for us.
When voting, you need to enter your name, mobile phone number and email, and vote for 5 products, please check "Days are sweet" (Days is sweet to participate in the "Popular Ice" item, so please feel free to check the other 4 items that are not " "Popular Ice" item). If there are too many products and you can't find them, you can press ctrl-F (for mobile phones, press "Find on the Web" in the ... option) and enter "day" to search.
Finally, tick the agree specification at the bottom of the page, and press send. Friends who fill out the questionnaire can participate in the lucky draw of gogoro, iphone13, 70-inch TV and other gifts!
You can vote once a day, please use your family and friends to help us vote as much as possible, fill you up...

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