Valentine's Day Special Mousse: Baja Sonata, limited supply in February

Among the pastry chefs most admired by the store manager, Hidemi Sugino must be mentioned first. The grandfather chef is 70 years old this year. In 1991, he led the Japanese team to win the championship of the World Pastry Chef Competition held in Lyon every two years. He is the ancestor of many well-known pastry chefs in Japan today.
While other pastry chefs are desperately opening Japanese and overseas branches to mass-produce, this grandfather insists on only opening a dessert shop in Ginza, making desserts by himself every day, opening at 1:30 in the afternoon, and almost sold out before 3:00. It's a pity that his shop closed in April 2022 due to the expiration of the lease and the rezoning of the city, and his desserts have become extinct.
My friend Yin Hetian, a financial columnist, described it this way: "His cake is also the cake that I have cried, not because it is delicious, but because he shows his understanding of life in the cake. It sounds very good. Ridiculous, but his chocolate cake just retains the bitterness of chocolate, the sourness of berries and the sweetness of sugar, without blending and presenting together, isn’t this the best state of life? Accept all possibilities, do not exaggerate or try to weaken , accept it as it is, and enjoy it.”
In order to pay homage to Hidemi Sugino, the store manager used Guamelon, one of his signature desserts, and modified it into a sugar-reduced version to make this year's Valentine's Day mousse cake. The top layer of the mousse is red heart guava, fresh cream and Italian meringue The lower layer is the flavor of cantaloupe. The two kinds of fruits complement each other perfectly. We named it Baja Sonata. It has a natural, elegant, refreshing and non-greasy noble flavor. Welcome to taste it.
Each heart-shaped mousse cake is 140ml, with 162 calories, 3.5 grams of protein, 9.6 grams of fat, and 12.2 grams of sugar
Limited supply from February 10 to the end of February, the original price is 200 yuan, and the pre-order price is 150 yuan. While supplies last.
This product is not suitable for frozen home delivery, and the refrigerated home delivery may be damaged by shaking.

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