Sugar-free fruit jelly candies are available on the official website, limited to 150 boxes

Our sugar-free pâte de fruits are currently available in strawberry, lychee and tropical fruit flavors. This year, the pre-order system is still adopted. Each gummies is 18.4ml (3.2 x 3.2 x 1.8 cm) and weighs about 18 grams. Each box of gummies has 3 gummies of 3 flavors, a total of 9 gummies (about 162 grams).

This year, French imports of fruit puree have increased by 20%, and the store manager can only touch his nose to follow the price increase... This year, the price of each box has been increased to 600 yuan, 3-4 boxes are 570 yuan, and 5 boxes or more are 540 yuan.

Why are our fruit gummies so expensive? First of all, we use fruit puree imported from France that costs 500-600 yuan per box, add natural pectin, and cook the puree until it is thick but not burnt without adding a drop of water. At this point, 1 liter of fruit puree has evaporated, leaving about 400 grams. We poured it into the mold, and then blasted it with -40 degrees C to remove the mold, and then baked it at a low temperature for 72 hours to ensure that the soft candy will not leak out in Taiwan's humid climate. At this point there are less than 300 grams of fudge left. Finally, we dip the surface of the fudge with erythritol, which is 10 times more expensive than sugar. This is the reason why our gummies are so mellow and rich in flavor, without the coloring, flavoring and artificial additives added in ordinary candies. During the year, the store manager has been receiving inquiries from customers who have eaten, when will they make it again next time...

This product is a rare flash sale product in the store. The store manager will only supply 150 boxes this year, while stocks last.

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