How to reduce body fat rate from 15% to 10%

I have been going to the gym for 2 years, and my body fat rate has been maintained at 14% for a while, but I am still far from the goal of building six pack muscles. The coach said that my six-pack muscle must be there, but it must be visible, the body fat rate must be reduced to 10%-12%, and the fat in the stomach will disappear completely, so that the muscles will stand out. If the body fat rate is to continue to decrease, you must control your diet. I found this good article on the Internet and translated it to share with interested colleagues.

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If your body fat rate is close to 15% , congratulations, it means that you have established good exercise habits. Unless you are a professional athlete who needs to reduce body fat to increase speed, wanting to continue to move towards 10% body fat is usually just for a better-looking physique - to hone the already hard abdomen into a six-pack muscle with blood vessels floating out .

The good news is that it only takes 3-5 months to practice to this stage again . But the bad news is that the bad habits that I quit for exercising before are relatively simple. To drop to 10% body fat, I usually have to face some ordinary life habits that are difficult to control. In addition to continuing to maintain the original self-control in exercise and diet when the body fat rate drops from 20% to 15%, the following 5 points were developed by Jim White, who is also the head of the fitness center and a registered dietitian. Lalo Fuentes, the exclusive fitness coach of celebrities in the film and television industry, jointly recommends the necessary steps to continue to reduce the body fat rate to 10%:

  1. Rethink Your Diet Direction

From now on, you can no longer eat from the perspective of enjoying delicious food. Food is still a gourmet choice, White explained, but you have to start eating from an energy point of view rather than an enjoyment point of view. This means keeping an eye out for overeating. Healthy people often have a high level of guilt about eating too much of something delicious like peanut butter, avocado, and refried beans. But a calorie is a calorie. If it exceeds the need for energy supplementation or body recovery, the calorie intake should be reduced.

  1. Focus on quality food

White further explained that in addition to reducing calorie intake, it is necessary to further clean up the source of calories in food. Control the total daily calorie intake between 1800 and 2200 calories, and the source of converted calories comes from high-quality protein and fat rather than carbohydrates.

In this final phase of your workout, switch from nuts to natural plain yogurt or even low-sugar, low-fat Greek yogurt for more protein, and all sugar is strictly prohibited. This is the biggest factor that keeps most people stuck at 15 percent body fat , Fenders explained. Finally, increase the intake of dietary fiber by 20-30 grams. White added that because high-protein diets tend to cause constipation, dietary fiber can slow the onset of constipation, help promote good gastrointestinal health, and maintain a feeling of fullness in the body.

  1. a little indulgence

In terms of diet, sometimes you can indulge a little bit, but be careful, the more times you indulge, the longer it will be to reach the target of 10% body fat rate. It's okay to have an indulgent meal once a week. As for the most irresistible beer? Luckily, White says the occasional light brew is okay, after all, it only has 100 calories. However, it is strictly forbidden to drink more than three glasses of beer or other alcoholic beverages with high alcohol content frequently or at one time.

  1. weight training

To reach the goal of 10 percent body fat, White recommends increasing the frequency of workouts to five to six days a week. A combination of weight training, high-intensity interval training, and cardio should be included every time. Increase to heavier weights and higher intensity when retraining, and not only train large muscles, but also focus on training smaller muscles to help evenly sculpt the body lines.

  1. increase sleep time

The unhealthiest habits of bodybuilders often have nothing to do with exercise and diet, but with sleep. According to Gallup polls, 40 percent of Americans sleep less than seven hours a night. Insufficient sleep can make you yawn when exercising and lack of concentration is prone to injury. Related studies have also demonstrated that people with less sleep time have a higher chance of belly fat. Get into the habit of getting 7-8 hours of sleep every night.

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