Cool and unburdened blueberry fruit smoothie (Smoothie) 500cc / 237 kcal / glycemic index 26

The scorching summer has arrived, and the highest temperature in Taipei on June 1 has already exceeded the highest temperature of 38.5 degrees in a century. In such a hot weather, how can you eat ice cream to cool down without the burden of calories, chemical food and sweetness?

The author has lived abroad for many years, and I have always been obsessed with smoothie fruit smoothies that are popular abroad, but I don’t often see them in Asia. Smoothie is low in calories, full of dietary fiber, and full of satiety. It is often the first choice for foreigners to replenish water and nutrition after exercising. Just like the literal meaning, after drinking, the body and mind will feel a kind of peace.

Generally, smoothies on the market are mostly made of soda syrup, corn fructose, chemical fruit flavors and ice cream, while smoothies are made of 100% natural ingredients such as frozen fruit, plain yogurt and bananas, so the two The level of health is up to you.

Let me share a blueberry smoothie recipe that I often drink for antioxidant

1 cup frozen blueberries (Costco) (250 ml / 187g) 107 kcal / glycemic index 40
½ cup (125 ml / 125g) of unsweetened plain yogurt 80 kcal / glycemic index 14
Banana half (50g) 50 kcal / glycemic index 51
Erythritol 1 tsp (5 ml / 8 g) 0 kcal / glycemic index 0
½ cup of ice water (75 ml / 75g) 0 kcal / glycemic index 0
Total 500 ml / 445g 237 kcal / Glycemic Index 26


Put the above-mentioned raw materials liquid at the bottom and solids at the top and put them into the fruit juice machine to make a smoothie. If the yogurt leaves water, the amount of ice water can be reduced. If you don't care about the calories, ice water can also be replaced by milk or orange juice. The thickness of the smoothie can be controlled by the amount of water and the blending time of the blender.

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