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Many people, like me, want to jog because they have weight loss goals, because their blood sugar is high, and because they want to be healthy. As a result, I bought a whole set of jogging clothes and jogging shoes, but I have been lazy all my life and have never had the habit of exercising. The last time I ran was probably in college physical education class. One day, on a sudden whim, I decided to go for a run wearing a full set of drivers. As a result, I was panting and sweating profusely after running less than a lap on the playground. After the hot mom behind passed me, I quickly slipped to Starbucks to take a rest, and then drank angrily A Frappuccino with 420 calories. Then I began to believe that I had no sports cells, and I wore the jogging equipment once, and then put it on the shelf...

After doing a lot of homework on the Internet, I suddenly found a training plan that was unanimously appreciated by everyone (especially first-time runners) abroad, called Couch-to-5K, or C25K for short. The original intention of the designer of this plan, Josh Clark, is to enable people who have never run and have been nestling on the sofa at home (called Couch Potato in English) to get off the sofa and move towards the goal of running 5 kilometers. Therefore, its feature is the training method that can be easily used by lazy bones, which is slowly fascinating and attracts us to start and adapt to running .

C25K is a 9-week training program that requires runners to train only 3 times a week for about 30 minutes at a time. Rest at least one full day between each workout. Taking the first week as an example, assuming that we have the first running training on Monday, we first walk for 5 minutes at the beginning, then start running for 1 minute, and then switch to walking for 1 and a half minutes, and continue to repeat the running and walking for the same amount of time. 8 times up to 20 minutes, and finally walk for 5 minutes to relax the body. It doesn't matter how fast you run, just make sure you're breathing smoothly and not out of breath. After a full day of rest on Tuesday, you can do a second workout on Wednesday.

As a person who weighs nearly 100 and never thought I could jog, this training plan is really easy and enjoyable. I successfully completed the 5,000-meter run after 9 weeks, and then followed the 10k training of the same author The plan is to finish running 10 kilometers continuously after 12 weeks. Since I started jogging according to the C25K plan, I kept running 2-3 times a week, about 5-8 kilometers each time, without any diet control. After one year, my weight finally dropped by 10 kg. Then I took the queen at home who was dizzy after running on the treadmill for less than 30 seconds, and started training according to this plan. Half a year later, she also participated in the 10k road run with me.

If you are too lazy to watch the time on your watch, you can download the C25K app on your mobile phone. You can listen to your own music while running without counting the time. When the time is up, the app will tell you when to walk and when to run.

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