November 12th (Sat) - 13th (Sun) Taichung Top 10 Souvenirs On-Site Voting - Please come and vote for your relatives and friends in Taichung.

The days are sweet and the stalls are set up in the Civic Square for the past two days, and the store is temporarily closed.
Our seat is #82, near the corner of the parking lot next to Chun Shui Tang.
Voting hours are from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Please bring your mobile phone to the service desk to scan the QR code link. After verifying your mobile phone number, please vote for No. 82 "Days Are Sweet" and more than five other stores. Show the screenshot after voting, and you will get 1 free ice cream of your choice.
The on-site sugar-free ice cream "too lazy to change money" has a promotional price for tasting, while supplies last. Please understand that our on-site cryopreservation capacity is limited, each person can only buy 2, 2 people can buy four, and so on. We did not prepare styrofoam, friends who do not want to eat on the spot, please bring your own cooler bag!
See you tomorrow!

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