This weekend's 11/12-13 top ten on-site voting and special sales activities are about to start

Our store will not be open from 12th to 13th this weekend. We set up a stall at No. 82 (see the picture below, near the corner of the parking lot of Caowu Square) in the Civic Square Top Ten Souvenirs Live Vote Market.
15% of the scoring for the top ten souvenirs is based on the on-site voting on the 12th and 13th of this weekend! Dear relatives and friends, if you happen to be in Taichung this weekend, please come to Civic Square to support us and vote on-site.
On the same day, our ice cream special offers, the original price of 1 ice cream is 100 yuan, 2 ice creams are 150 yuan, 3 ice creams are 200 yuan, 4 ice creams are 250 yuan, 5 ice creams are 300 yuan, and 6 ice creams are 350 yuan. Styrofoam boxes are not provided on site, please bring your own ice packs!

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