11/1-11/10 Taichung Top 10 Souvenirs Online Voting- Please support the concept of sweet days and relatives and friends to vote for us and help us share....

11/1-11/10 Taichung Top Ten Souvenirs Online Voting

We sincerely ask relatives and friends who support the concept of Days Are Sweet to vote for us and help us share...  

For 10 consecutive days starting today, online voting for the top ten souvenirs is open. The voting method this time is to lock the FB account, each person only has 1 vote, and only 1 vote can be cast during the voting period, and more than 5 products must be selected when voting, otherwise the vote will be invalid. So instead of pouring votes every day, we need to find more friends to vote for us. Our small business has no advertising budget, no chain stores, and no factories. We are facing the challenge of mobilizing competitors from many large companies. Because online voting accounts for 15% of the total score, we can only ask our friends to help us vote!

The way to vote is as follows,

  1. Go to the voting page of Taichung Top 10 Souvenirs

  2. Press the magnifying glass in the upper left corner to search for "Sweet Days" (Shop No. C0155)

  3. Click on "Sweet Days" to enlarge the page and click on the heart symbol

  4. The "Login with social account" page appears, click FB

  5. The FB login screen appears, enter your login mobile number and password

  6. If you do not log in directly and the login code screen appears, if you have the banner above "Did you just...", click "Continue", click "This is me" on the next screen, and click "Save" on the next screen Browser" and "Continue" to log in

  7. If the banner does not appear, please open the Facebook app, press the lower right menu, scroll down and select Settings and Privacy, and then click Code Generator

  8. Input the 6 digits of the code generator into the login code on the front screen, press send to log in

  9. Click the heart symbol of "Sweet Days" again to complete the vote

  10. Because voting requires at least 5 votes, otherwise it will be invalid. Please choose another 4 votes. If you don’t know who to choose, you can vote for non-food gifts with numbers starting with B0. It will not help our opponents

  11. Each FB account can only vote once within 10 days. So please share with your family and friends who support us. The more people vote for us, the higher our votes will be.

Thank you again for your precious time to support the store!

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