Special Invitation: The 10K Running Training Course of Young Mature Women

Many friends learned that not only did I participate in the 10K road race, but I could also finish the entire run, and my jaw almost dropped! Because I think that I had no exercise habits at all in the past. I was on the treadmill in the gym, and I staggered and squatted out of breath after only running for 30 seconds. It is conceivable from this that even if my running speed is not fast, I can run 5-8K steadily every time I run , which is already a very considerable improvement. What I want to share with you today is how I started from zero. Started the mental journey of running to 10K.


At the beginning, I also had the mentality of trying, and started to practice running with the old man at home. Because I knew my ability, I was worried that it would only last for three minutes. At first, I just wore walking shoes and ordinary sports clothes and went on the road. I ran a few times. I bought my first pair of jogging shoes after I really made up my mind to start running. As for the reasons for deciding to jog, everyone is different. It may be to lose weight, maintain health, or train physical fitness. I decided to do the opposite. I tried running a few times without proper equipment. I really made up my mind to use jogging to train my physical fitness before buying more clothes. On the contrary, it increased my determination to run.

training plan

For an exercise idiot like me, without a trainer teaching me how to exercise, I definitely can't do it on my own, and neither can jogging. After I started jogging, I followed the C25K training plan from scratch. The most approachable thing about C25K is that it used running and walking training methods in the training plan in the past few weeks. I have never run before , it is easy to keep up with the progress, at most run slower. But from the fifth week, I slowly added the training without walking or rest and had to run the whole distance in one breath, because there was no chance for me to take a little breath, and I began to feel that I had encountered a bottleneck. Although I still have strength in my hands and feet, I can't breathe at all. In addition, although I don't know the speed of my heartbeat, it is obvious that my heart has been beating and beating so fast that I start to feel dizzy, as if I am about to faint. I still remember very clearly that every time I ran two kilometers, I was out of breath and was about to die ... At this time, I thought it was time to buy some equipment so that I could know my heart rate before I could plan again. A strategy to keep running!

The need for proper tools

Yes, I finally fell for it and bought a Nike+ SportWatch jogging watch and heart rate belt! It’s nothing unexpected, but the first test was amazing. It turned out that my heartbeat would soar above 180bpm . No wonder my heart couldn’t bear the load and I continued to run. In order to break through this bottleneck, I tried to adjust my breathing and stabilize my running speed, hoping to extend the running distance bit by bit. In retrospect, this process of self-breakthrough may not be long, but if you are not determined to overcome this difficulty, it is also the stage where you are most likely to give up on yourself! Of course, I also had the idea of ​​quitting, but when I saw the old man practicing running with great vigor, I had no choice but to touch my nose, gritted my teeth and continued to run, and began to tell myself that no matter how slow I ran, the old cow broke the car It's time to run to the finish line.

run regularly

Running is actually the same as most things. As long as you keep practicing, you will definitely improve slowly. As for the amount and speed of improvement, I think it is secondary. After all, as a young mature woman, I only aim to continue running slowly. Interestingly, once you develop the habit of jogging, when the time comes, even if you don’t have a running partner, you will start the jogging mode and go jogging by yourself! Of course, don’t forget to look at the surrounding scenery briskly and casually along the way, and remember the beauty of jogging. Even if you are tired from running, don’t forget to encourage yourself to persevere and try to run as far as possible. After all, today you can successfully complete your own set. The sense of accomplishment you get from your goal will be the best motivation to start off smoothly next time.

Would you like to try jogging? What do you want to achieve through jogging? Let’s start with C25K, don’t ask too much of yourself, give yourself at least half a year to practice running, and please remember the original intention and determination of the decision to start jogging when you encounter a wall in the future, don’t give up, keep running go down!

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